Dimensions: 1 mm (millimeter) = 0.039 inches, 1 g (gram)= 0.035 ounces, 1 sq. dm =15.5 sq. inches
Span: 750 mm
Root Chord: 160 mm
Tip Chord: 100 mm
Wing Area: 10.88 sq. dm
Dihedral: Polyhedral 4-fold
Airfoil: FF Chucky Sweepette
Wing construction: Balsa geodetical Ribs
Wing covering: 7 g Mylar
Wing weight: 30 g
Tail: V-tail Balsa 2 mm
Fuselage Length: 580 mm
Fuselage Type: Pod: 0.6 mm ply, Boom: 6 mm carbon tube
Fuselage weight: w/o equipment 42 g
Distance,LE wing to LE stab: 440 mm
Weight Empty: 72 g
Radio: TX Hitec Flash 4
RX Czech REX 4 Ch FM caseless 8 g
Servos: 2 PICO (various brands) 9 g each
Battery: 4 x Sanyo 50 mAh, 15 g
Weight airborne: 115 g
Price: kitting under investigation...
Contact: Werner Stark, Austria, e-mail:
Werner has been very kind to permit the listing of building instructions and plans for his designs KIS and BoBo. They are provided here as a self-extracting zip file, or as individual PDF files. We hope you find them useful.
PDF files:
Wing; Stab; Fuselage; Assembly; Building; Parts; Materials
Zip File:
KIS Zip File