Span: 30.5in
Root Chord: 5.5 in
Tip Chord: 4.0 in
Wing Area: 160
Dihedral: ploy-hedral 11.5 deg
Airfoil: Modified SD6060
Wing construction: All balsa built up 1/16" ribs, 2 @ 3/32" sq spar, 1/8" sq
LE, 1/4"x1/16" TE
Wing Covering: Tissue and dope
Tail Area: - each V tail

Fuselage Length: 23"
Fuselage Type: Balsa pod (1/16" sheet), carbon fiber boom (tube)
Fuselage weight (empty): 16.1g (0.57oz)
Distance, LE wing to LE stab: 17.5"
Weight Empty: 32.0g (1.13oz)
Radio: FMA Micro 2000, 2@Cirrus CS-20BB, 4@110mAh SanyosWeight with CS21 or HS50's, Rx, Battery: 100.0g (3.5oz)
Recommended Battery Size(weight): 4@110mAh 27.9g (0.98oz)
Recommended Rx Size(type): FMA Fortress, Tetra or similar
Number of servos(type): 2 Cirrus CS-20BB
Availability: Most likely never, but I have some Visio files if someone wants to draw up plans so they can be posted (all I request is that I get a copy of the plans)
Matthew J Litke
Suggested Price: Free, See Availability above for plan potential only