HL-1 Illusion

Span: 750mm
Root Chord: 125mm
Tip Chord: 125mm
Wing Area: 93750sqmm
Dihedral: Poly--raised 35mm at first break; 30mm from 2nd break to tip
Airfoil: Modified S4083
Wing construction: balsa sheeted foam
Wing Covering: film
Tail Area: Stab span 250mm, chord 80mm
Fuselage Length: 530mm
Fuselage Type: GF pod & boom
Fuselage weight (empty):
Distance, LE wing to LE stab. 320mm
Weight Empty:
Radio: GWS PICO 5.8g, 2 GWS @ 6g
Weight with servos, Rx, Battery: 95g
Recommended Battery Size(weight): 4 50cells
Recommended Rx Size(type): GWS PICO 5.8g
Number of servos(type): 2 GWS @ 6g
Designer: Shuhei Okamoto
Availability: Contact: Craft Room Suggested Price: Y15,800 or $150.00
Contact person: Paul Clark, in Japan
E-mail address:
Sky Pilot <pclark@osk3.3web.ne.jp>
Craft Room Homepage:
Okamoto's e-mail address: craftrm@sannet.ne.jp