(Japanese for Mosquito, pronounced "Kah")

Span: 29.5"
Root Chord: 6.5"
Tip Chord: 3.5
Wing Area: 147 sq in
Dihedral: 3.25" at tip
Airfoil: Modified SD7037
Wing construction: GF over blue foam, 2 layers 0.75 oz cloth
Wing Covering: NA
Tail Area: V tail: Stab/Rudder:
Fuselage Length: 22"
Fuselage Type: Pod & boom
Fuselage weight (empty):
Distance, LE wing to LE stab.16"
Weight Empty:
Weight with HS50's, Rx, Battery: 4.2 oz
Recommended Battery Size(weight): 50mAh
Recommended Rx Size(type): Tetra or similar
Number of servos(type): 2 HS-50 or similar
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Contact: Jimmy Prouty
Availability: Second prototype under construction now. Plane should be
available in late Dec. 99
Suggested Price:
JTModels, Jimmy Prouty, jtmodels@pop.akos.net , 6805 Lassen Ave, New Port
Richey FL 34655-3326, 727-372-5914 (We also speak Japanese and Russian)


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