Span: 29.5"
Root Chord: 5"
Tip Chord: 4.5"
Wing Area: 140 sq in
Dihedral: 14 degrees
Airfoil: SA7035
Wing construction: Colored packing tape over blue foam, no spar
Wing Covering: Colored packing tape
Tail Area: V tail: 18 sq in
Fuselage Length: 20 in
Fuselage Type: 1/16 balsa sheet
Fuselage weight (empty): .8oz
Distance, LE wing to LE stab. 12.5
Weight Empty: 1.6 oz
Radio: JR
Weight with CS21 or HS50's, Rx, Battery: 3.6 oz
Recommended Battery Size(weight): 80mah
Recommended Rx Size(type): Tetra
Number of servos(type): Two CS20"s
Availability: No longer available.
(Hopefully again in the future. Thanks to Chris Oster for sharing the info.--CA)
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