Mosquito Hawk

Specifications:Span: 29.5"
Root Chord: 5-5/8"
Tip Chord: elliptical.
Wing Area: approx. 150 sq. in.
Dihedral: Slight dihedral with upward curved tips.
Airfoil: Proprietary 7% FF style.
Wing construction: EPP with bass spar.
Wing Covering: Tape on the tips.
Tail Area: V tail: 24", fixed surfaces.
Fuselage Length: 22"
Fuselage Type: EPP pod with wood boom.
Distance, LE wing to LE stab: 14.5"
Controls: Pitcheron
Weight: with CS21, Tetra Rx,50mahBattery: 3.6oz. (It can be built under 3oz.)
Radio: 2 channel sub-micro with elevon mixing and exponential.
Recommended Battery 50mah sanyos.
Recommended Rx Size: anything around 1/2oz. or less
Number of servos: 2-CS-20 or smaller
Introductory Price: $38.00 including shipping in U.S.
Contact: Mark Mech E-mail: Web site:
1913 E. El Parque, Tempe, Az. 85282