Name of Plane: Noseeum Pronounced "no-see-em"
Span: 29.5" or 32"
Root Chord: 11.5" including elevons.
Tip Chord: 6.5"
Wing Area: 288sq. in. or 265sq. in. depending on span.
Dihedral: 3 to 5 deg. anheadral.
Airfoil: Modified EH. 7.5%
Wing construction: EPP, optional spars and covering.
Wing Covering: Tape, laminating film.
Tail Area: 18 sq. in. tiplets or boom mounted rudder.
Fuselage Length: None.
Fuselage Type: Nonexistant
Fuselage weight (empty): 0oz. (Amazing)
Distance, LE wing to LE stab. 0"
Radio: 2 channel elevon mixing and exponential recommended.
Weight with CS20's, Tetra Rx, 50mah. Battery: 3oz. to 6oz.
Recommended Battery Size: 50mah. to 250mah.
Recommended Rx Size: anything that fits! Under 1oz. is best.
Number of servos: 2 sub micro.
Introductory Price: $33.00 including shipping in U.S.
Availability: Usually 3 to 7 days.
Contact: Mark Mech E-mail: Web site:
1913 E. El Parque, Tempe, Az. 85282