Specifications:Span: 29.5"
Root Chord: "
Tip Chord: "
Wing Area: 143.8 sq. in.
Dihedral: " each tip
Airfoil: Original
Wing construction: FG over Blue foam with CF reinforment
Composite skin
Wing Covering: oz glass cloth with carbon fiber reinforcement. TW= oz
Tail Area: V-tail, Balsa: :
Fuselage Length: 24.25"
Fuselage Type: GF/Epoxy Pod with integral CF tube tailboom
Fuselage weight (empty): ozs
Distance, LE wing to LE stab:
Weight Empty: oz's without radio
Weight with HS50's, Rx, Battery: 3.5-4 oz
Radio: Requires TX V-tail mixing
Recommended Battery Size(weight):3-4 cells, 50 mah each
Recommended Rx Size(type): smallest available: Hitec 555 or 535 Rx
Number of servos(type): 2
Available today: $95, plus $5 S&H
Contact: Don Stackhouse or Joe Hahn @ DJ Aerotech
719 Fisk Street, Piqua, OH 45356, Phone: (937) 773-6772