Red Herring

Designed by Harold Locke

Root Chord:12"
Tip Chord:5"

Wing Area: 250 in^2

Dihedral: 0
Airfoil:Modified SD7003
Wing construction:White foam with 1.8mil clear packing tape covering
Wing Covering:1.8 mil clear packing tape
Vertical Tail Area:~20 in^2
Fuselage Length: 0
Fuselage Type: NA
Fuselage weight (empty):0
Distance, LE wing to LE stab.0
Weight Empty:
Radio:CS21, 110mAh, micro RX
Weight with CS21 or HS50's, Rx,
Battery: 4.5oz
Recommended Battery Size(weight):110
Recommended Rx Size(type):2channel w/electronic or Mechanical mixxer
Number of servos(type):2 CS-21
Kit is in production Other Pictures
Price:$45 (includes shipping w/in US)
Contact person: Adam (RED) Weston: , or
Thermal-Gromit Works, 4742 42nd Ave SW PMB 562, Seattle, WA 98116


These are some additional photos of the Red Herring.
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