Span: 29.5"
Root Chord: 6"
Tip Chord: 4.5"
Wing Area: 157.5"
Airfoil: SD7037
Wing construction: blue foam with glass
and CF white core if lighter
Wing Covering: glass
Tail Area: 1/16" balsa/glass
Fuselage Length: 24"
Fuselage Type: GF and CF pod &
tapered CF boom
Fuselage weight (empty): 1 ounce
Distance, LE wing to LE stab. 16.6"
Weight Empty: 2 ounces
Radio: Rx 555, HS-50 (2)
Weight with servos, Rx, Battery: 4 oz
Recommended Battery Size(weight): (4) 110 cells
Recommended Rx Size(type): Hitech 555
Number of servos(type): HS-50
Designer: Robert Nelson
Availability: Contact Designer
Contact person: Robert Nelson, 514-453-9736
Montreal, Canada
E-mail address: