Specifications:Span: 29"
Root Chord: 4.625"
Tip Chord: 3"
Wing Area: 130 sq. in.
Dihedral: Flat center panel with Polyhedral in tips
Airfoil: SD7032 Modified
Wing construction: GF over Pink foam Composite skin
Wing Covering: .75 oz glass cloth with carbon fiber reinforcement
Tail Area: Stab/Rudder: 21/8 sq. in.
Fuselage Length: 23.5"
Fuselage Type: GF pod&boom
Fuselage weight (empty): .75 oz's
Distance, LE wing to LE stab: 16.625"
Weight Empty: 2 oz's without radio
Weight with CS21 or HS50's, Rx, Battery: 3.5 to 4.5 oz's
Radio: 2 channel sub-micro
Recommended Battery Size(weight):100 mah
Recommended Rx Size(type): smallest avaliable
Number of servos(type): 2
Price: $125.00
Contact: Mark Kummerow
2258 Hillsboro Blvd.
Manchester, TN 37355