Woomera Mk II

Span: 74.5 cm
Root Chord: 11 cm
Tip Chord: 7.5 cm
Wing Area: 7.2 dm^2
Dihedral: 20 deg
Airfoil: Modified S4083 (increased L.E. radius,
increased T.E. thickness)
Wing construction: blue foam, centre wing 22 gr/m^2
GF, tips paper, CFC spar
Tail Area: V tail 1.15 dm^2

Additonal Pictures Below
Fuselage Length: 44 cm
Fuselage Type: 1 mm Balsa sheet with
Oralight cover
Fuselage weight: 7.8 gr
Distance, LE wing to LE stab. 30cm
Weight Empty: 51 gr
Weight incl. Servos, Rx, Battery: 90 gr
Battery Size: 4x N50AAA
RX: MPX Piko 3/4
2 Servos Graupner/JR C141
Availability: No commercial availability planned
Contact: Andreas K. Fischer , Institut fuer Aerodynamik und Gasdynamik, Uni Stuttgart,
Pfaffenwaldring 21, 70550 Stuttgart
E-mail: iagfisch@iag.uni-stuttgart.de Tel +49 711 685 3436 Fax +49 711 685 3438


I'm writing today to provide some information and pictures about the Woomera MK II MHLG, which was designed as an improvement of my Woomera (MK I) already shown on your Micro HLG page. This one's lighter, has increased span to match the MHLG limits, and I used a "slower" airfoil. The MK1 is a fast, fantastic slope glider, while the new MK 2 was meant for conventional HLG-Type thermal soaring. The Tip Stall problems of the MK 1 have been solved, and the availability of lighter RC equipment helped to keep the weight considerably below the magic 100gram-mark. I also tried 30mAh batteries, resulting in a weight of only 85 grams, but the CG was a bit too far back for comfort, so I turned back to the 50mAh again, at 90gr takeoff weight.

The Mk II is easier to fly than the MK1 and has a wide speed range. The glide slope has improved by about 1.8 i would estimate, and the hang time is certainly twice as long. The Mk 1 used to be REALLY aerobatic and wild on the slope, the Mk2 is not as agile. I usually do bungee lauches on a 2m rubber+2m rope bungee, which gives usually around 30 seconds if there's no thermals. I find it hard to throw these little things, so I prefer the bungee.

We are also planning to to glider towing with the Woomera Mk2. We did successful glider towing with standard HLG's and a small electric plane, so I decided to downscale the electric towplane in order to do a MHLG aerotow. I've attached photos of the towplane (265 grams, 54cm span, speed280 drive 1:2gear...) and also a group picture including my Bonsai-Transall (245 grams, 60cm span, 2xMabucchi N50). Of course, the tow will be a ground takeoff, using a little cart for the MHLG.

It's funny enough, here in germany, you hardly see any MHLG's that fit into the Mosquito-Class limits. Even though the light RC gear is available (and affordable) for at least 3 years now, and standard HLG's are quite popular, the MHLG is still an exception.

Happy Landings (or Catches, in the HLG case..)

Andreas Fischer

These are some additional pictures of Andreas' micro fleet: