Span: 640mm
Root Chord: 120mm
Tip Chord: sharp
Wing Area: 6.3dm^2
Dihedral: inner bent 5 deg, outer 12 deg.
Airfoil: HQ 2/8 8% thickness, 2% camber
Wing construction: blue foam, 1 Layer 25gr/m^2 glass, additional roving spar
Wing Covering: none
Tail Area: Stab/Rudder: 1.3/ 0.7
Fuselage Length:~400mm
Fuselage Type: Balsa box, Oralight-covered
Fuselage weight (empty): 12 gr.
Distance, LE wing to LE stab. 250mm
Weight Empty: 58 gr.
Radio: TX: Multiplex MC3030 master edition
Flying weight (of prototype): 108 gr.
Recommended Battery Size(weight):4x50mAh, 15 gr.
Recommended Rx Size(type): MPX Pico 4/5
Number of servos(type):2, kyosho sportsline 9gr
Availability: plans online soon
Suggested Price: -
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