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Sailplane Design Information
Schuemann Article on Wing Planforms Every wonder where the elipitical planform for our models came from? Well here is the original article.

Sierra Silent Soarers (S3)

Personal Pictures
My Graupner Cirrus, RES Nostalgia (PDF)
My 50" Itch HLG
Construction and Molding Information
Making a HLG Fuselage Plug
Fuselage Mold Pictures | Nosecone Molding
Seamless Molded Fuselages
Foam Routing, Cutting Holes for Wing Tubes
Routing Wing Tubes by Hot Wire Cutters
Sanding Kevlar
Removing Foam Feathering from a Foam Core

Vacuum Bagging Information

Vacuum Pump/Pieces Pictures
Vacuum Switch Specs

Do You Really Want to Get into Composite Construction?
Here is a collection of items you may need to do get started.

Composite Definitons: Many things you may like to know.

HLG Height Calcs

Micro HandLaunch Gliders (MHLG), 0.75m

MHLG's Out There!!- A Collection of MHLGs

Itch Photos | Itch Instructions

HandLaunch Gliders (HLG) 1.5m

HLG Out There!! - A collection of HLGs (Coming Soon!)